Children’s Creativity
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WIGUP.tv is an international platform that helps children discover who they are.

“WIGUP is one of the most powerful tools around to instill the Global Competencies in learners starting at age 9.”

Michael Fullan

Member of WIGUP’s Educational Advisory Board

About WIGUP.tv

WIGUP.tv allows children aged 9-11 to unearth their uniqueness, thanks to hundreds of creaCtivitiesTM associated to more than 2,000 videos (3 to 7 min.) from around the world.

What is a creaCtivityTM?

A creaCtivityTM is a creative activity that achieves the following 3 objectives: teaching the curriculum, instilling one of the global (or transferable) skills and nurturing the student’s self-awareness.

The advantages of subscribing to WIGUP.tv

  • Hundreds of creaCtivitiesTM

  • Inspiring, intelligent, captivating, high-quality videos

  • Powerful, creative, youth projects

  • Access to a secure global network of creative youth

  • A simple approach in line with the curriculum

Frequently Asked Questions

How to use WIGUP.tv in your classroom?

Watch a video in class on WIGUP.tv once a week (first thing in the morning) followed by a discussion.

You will quickly develop critical thinking, word recognition, vocabulary and curiosity amongst your students. The activity lasts 30 minutes (intro + video + discussion).


Why was WIGUP.tv created?

WIGUP.tv is a Creative Social Network for Schools that allows students to have a secure access to more than 2000 inspiring videos that help develop their critical thinking skills. These videos are also excellent triggers to launch publications by students of their own videos, articles and photo projects as well as WIGWOWs (interactive presentations).


Why is WIGUP.tv designed for 9-11 year olds?

There are numerous reasons why WIGUP.tv is designed to reach the 9-11 year old demographic. As explained by Laurence Steinberg, ‘the human brain is not fully developed until the mid-twenties. Therefore, the brain is highly malleable and has the ability to reorganize itself by forming new neural connections.


Is WIGUP.tv a safe site?

WIGUP.tv is certified by Verisign and is therefore safe. This means that each child’s personal data are encrypted and cannot be decrypted by third parties. In addition, only schools and school boards may be members of WIGUP.tv. Consequently, the general public does not have access to the site and cannot access students’ publications.

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